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Gamma+ Cyborg Digital Brushless Motor Cordless Hair Trimmer

Gamma+ Cyborg Digital Brushless Motor Cordless Hair Trimmer



This trimmer features a high torque density and low vibrations, ensuring superior performance and neat, accurate grooming. Its 7500 rpms provide fast, efficient styling.




This trimmer is crafted with a heavy-duty full metal body and ergonomically designed for maximum stability, control, and comfortable usage. Its recessed hand grip ensures precise manoeuvrability, while its sleek skeleton design enhances visibility to reach hard-to-reach areas with maximum cutting precision.



This trimmer is armed with a fixed Stainless-Steel X-Pro Wide blade and The One DLC deep tooth cutting blade for guaranteed top-notch trimming. Clean and accurate cuts are assured for both everyday trimming and detailed styling. To take customization to the next level, the zero-gap blade feature provides a closest cut and finish for a perfect grooming experience.



This trimmer is powered by a Lithium-Ion battery for up to 3 hours, plus its 4 LED lights indicate varying battery levels. The anti-slip LED docking station charges the trimmer in 90 minutes, while a universal USB-C cord offers a convenient charging option wherever you are.


 SET INCLUDES: Trimmer, Micro-USB charging cord, zero-gap setting tool, mini screwdriver, cleaning/maintenance kit, charging stand/cord, and 3 body kits 


Engineered & Designed in the USA

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