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Gamma+ protege

Gamma+ protege

Gamma+ protege

This is the stripped back version of the alpha and hitter.. less accessories means better savings for you.. it comes exactly like the original gamma+ with a stunning unique bronze colour upgrade


Choose the hitter, alpha or the combo pack




Ridged Taper Blade with Deep Tooth Cutter can be easily zero gapped

The 5 click taper control positions allows for more consistent fades and blending

Universal micro USB charger for worldwide use

Modular and easily upgradeable and interchangeable components

The lithium-ion battery delivers 240 minutes of run-time with a 1 hour rapid charge

Includes 5 magnetic guards and cleaning maintenance kit

The magnetic guards included come in 1/16”,1/8”,1/4”,3/8”,1/2”



Fully adjustable blade can be easily zero gapped for the closest cut and finish 

Removable drop top option for skeleton style design to expose the blade for cooler operation, better sight line, and enhanced precision

4 hours of continuous wireless run-time and universal micro USB rech