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Gamma+ Stylecraft Super-Torque DC Motor

Gamma+ Stylecraft Super-Torque DC Motor


Super Torque Clipper Motor Silent and powerful the NEW super-torque rotary motor with 7,200 rpms combines low noise and vibration and unprecedented torque to cut any type of hair.

Suitable for:

Gamma+ Absolute Alpha

Gamma+ Protege Clipper

Gamma+ Boosted

Stylecraft Rebel

Instructions on how to install:


Remove the clipper lid, unscrew the 3 screws to remove motor cover and firmly grasp the motor to remove it

Use a soldering tool to disconnect the red and black wire

Solder the red and black wires of the new high torque motor making sure to solder the red wire next to the red dot

Once the wires are secure, place the motor back in its compartment and replace the protective motor cover and lid.




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